Astronaught Pants (mmmchckwarrior) wrote,
Astronaught Pants

I'm Weird

It's 4:40 on Mother's Day. In about 2 hours I'll be going to the Y-ME cancer walk thing with my Mom. It's been an odd couple of days around here.
My whole situation with women continues to stranger than fiction. Recently I picked up an attractive looking lady hitchhiker, dropped her off at her place, she asked for my number, I gave it, and i'm yet to hear from her.
A girl at work has been talking to me A LOT. She texts me at least 15 times a day and tries to keep me on the phone. Don't get me wrong, that shit's cool and all, but we were supposed to hang out for the first time today and she brings her guy friends along? Not only that but she and this other dude were all on each other and she was totally fabing me. Then after I leave and get home she calls me and wants to talk?
Mixed Signals Much?
I've been having a flirtatious liaison with another young lady. This one slightly more promising, and maybe, all things considered, maybe the best route. During the aftermath of one of our parties, I ended up laying on the couch with this girl, then some other places. Of course, as with everything in my life, there has to be somethings that make this out of the oridnary and/or difficult. This girl was seeing one of my roommates for a while. That doesn't make this difficult or anything, but it's just a little different, you know? I don't think it's awkward. She's a busy gal though, and that makes it difficult.
There are moar things going on, as their always are, but i'm going to try to lay down and take a nap before Mike and I go to the Y-ME gimmick.
goodnight, INTERBUTTS
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