Astronaught Pants (mmmchckwarrior) wrote,
Astronaught Pants

Life certainly does appear to be raining shit on Brendan Conway

We have been without power for over a week now. Here's how it happened
The previous tenants did not pay their bills.
Com-ed sent thei FINAL WARNING before we moved in.
We (mistakenly) thought our landlord had set up our account, in retrospect I understand this was not a good idea.
Com-Ed then shut the power off, and we've been living in the dark ages without heat, electricity, or warm water since a week ago last friday.
The first weekend without power was so-so, we had candle lit parties and such, but it has since worn extremely thin and unpleasant. We can't shower, do laundry, cook a decent meal, watch Monday Night RAW, use INTARNETS (i'm at my parent's right now), nor can we have heat. Our place is cold.
On top of that, I got a ticket for "Talking on my cell phone while driving". The day our power fiasco happened, Jake called me on my way home from work to tell me the bad news. I answered my phone while at a red light, and our entire exchange took place before the lgiht turned green. As soon as I started driving the police lights started flashing behind me.
I got a ticket for being on my phone for less than a minute while my car wasn't even in motion. Wow.
AND NOW, my car won't even start. I'm waiting for the tow truck dudes to get here so they can haul my car off to get worked on.

To be honest, though, things aren't ALL bad. A few days ago Wendy came to visit me at my place; it always makes me happy to see her. And for as much shit as I've had to put up with recently, last night, something really and truly amazing happened to me.
I was supposed to hang out with my younger brother last night, but something came up and he wasn't available, so as I was sitting here with nothing to do, I got a text message from my friend Randy (Rhodes). "You going to Symphony X tonight?"
I didn't know/forget they were coming through here. I'm usually up to date on things, but with me being busy at work and not having a connection to the outside world with no power, it had slipped through the cracks. Thank God I had been in Mokena. So a few minutes later I was out the door and at the Pearl Room. As I was about to walk in, I ran into Mrs. Knickerbocker, who was a pleasant surprise. As I was talking to her, I noticed a large influx of people walking in and out of the bar, so I used them as a cover to sneak into the show.
Yes, I saw Symphony X for free.
I quickly rendezvoused with Randy and Steve and bought them beers for telling me about the show. 3 beers, 12 bucks. The show was incredible as could be assumed. Justin Murphy was there, and the Knickerbrothers had been there since 4 so they were way up front. In between sets I shouted "BRETT KNICKERBOCKER!!!", he turned around and we made eye contact. "HEY DICKFACE!", I shouted. He flipped me off.
Dear God, I love Brett Knickerbocker.
The singer of Symphony X has near-God status to me, and last night he validated my life.
Their new album, "Paradise Lost", deals greatly with John Milton's poem, so the crowd kept yelling "SATAN", to which Allen would make goofy faces to. After a while the joke started to wear thin. When he stopped playing it up, I shouted "EL DIABLO!".
Mr. Allen then looked directly at me and said, "Ha, that guy know's what's up".
Yes, Russell Allen responded to something I said, thereby justifying my entire life.
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