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Seems like I update this thing once, then something happens (Move and don't have internets for a while, or join the army) and I don't update this forever. I should really make more of an attempt to stay on top of this bad boy.
My life is so weird to me, it seems like chronicling it might be worth the miniscule effort it takes to log in and type a few sentences. Here's what's been going on:
Joined the army (duh)
got through basic without much of a hassle. The worst part was reception. Good Lord that was terrible.
2 months of Basic lead way to AIT. The first 3 weeks of AIT were worse than basic. Back at basic we all had this dream like version of AIT in our heads. We all thought it would be cable television and paradise. From what I hear, I guess it was for some people. Alas, for us combat medics at Sam Houston, we had to be pounded into the ground a little more. Once they let us off our leash a little, things really did get better.
One of the things I've noticed so far in the military is that I look back at things with nostalgia glasses. Once I got to AIT I thought basic was awesome, and now that I'm at my duty station I thought AIT was awesome. I DO, however, think being in Hawaii is okay. I couldn't imagine thinking being deployed to AFGHANISTAN as being anything but terrible. We'll see.
I"m doing more or less really good. I miss my family and friends very much, but will be on my way home to see them soon.
I just wanted to update this and try to get back in the swing of things.
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