Astronaught Pants (mmmchckwarrior) wrote,
Astronaught Pants

no power

Couple things have been happening since I last updated.
Jake and I almost got into a fight with two dudes. We went into the 7-11 by our place because we needed some milk. While in there, i'm talking to the man running the register and Jake is getting our stuff. As he's walking back to th register, apparently some guy shoulder checks him. Jake, while a gentle and soft spoken indiviual, is not going to let this rudeness go unanswered, so he approaches the one who did it. They turn around.
"Are you cool?" the one asks.
"You just walked...right into me". Jake says.
At this point I am mostly oblivious as to what's going on, I didn't see the shoulder check, and i'm still at the counter, but then I turn around and see Jake talking to these two men. I was starting to pick up on the escalating tensions, so I walk over to see what's going on and to try to diffuse the situation.
"Hey guys, is there a problem here?" I ask.
"No, are you guys cool?" He says.
"Of course we are" I tell them. I nudge Jake and tell him that I want to pay for our shit so we can get home and I can hang out with the nerds. I nod to these guys and we make our exit.
Now, i'm not the violent type, and i've never been a real fight, but whoever these guys were should be glad it did not come to blows (I'm glad it didn't too) , because we would've destroyed them. Jake probably could've taken them both by himself, and with backup, it wouldn't have even been close.
That's actually something that makes me think this was all a big misunderstanding. These did not look like the type of guys who go around looking for fights. When I asked these guys if there was a problem they looked like they were about to shit bricks. I didn't see the shoulder check that instigated the incident, so I can't say how intentional it looked, but if Jake said it was clearly intentional i'll take his word for it. I just don't see scrawny guys like that trying to start something with a dude like Jake.
Regardless, i'm just glad nothing happened, because acting like a meathead, ESPECIALLY over something as stupid as walking into someone, at 7-11 of all places, is something I have no interest in.
On the next episode, I will explain why we don't have power at our place.
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