Astronaught Pants (mmmchckwarrior) wrote,
Astronaught Pants


My foot has been hurtin' for months. About 2 weeks ago I saw a doctor about who told me I probably had tendonitis. So he gave me some meds and told me to call him later.
Shit still sucks, so I called him today, only to find out that they close on 2 o'clock on wednesdays. That's kinda weird.
I was out with 3/4's of the catburglars last night and some other fine Chicagoans. Having time off of and away from work are really what i'm living for now. Currently i'm watching The Brett Hart 3-DVD collection, and i'll probably be doing that until 5 o'clock when I get my wrist tattoo touched up. Then me and Jake are hitting the gym
Dig it turkey.

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