Astronaught Pants (mmmchckwarrior) wrote,
Astronaught Pants

Brendan's Odyssey

Last night, my friend Sam had a bit of a shindig at his place.
Outstanding Gentlemen such as Dinosaur Neal, (eeehhh) Mike Graf, Dr. Shreddington, And Mott were in attendance. A couple brews were drank, jokes were made, and a good time was had by all.
This, however, is not the subject of my jounal entry.
No, you see, this is about me walking from Sam's back to my place. From The UIC medical district to A little North of Cubs Field...Shirtless, and in -2 degree weather.
During the course of the night, jokes were made about the fact I was wearing a Call The Medic shirt. I had been wearing the same shirt since the day before, and was starting to smell. You see, I was wearing it the day before so I wouldn't be wearing it then, but unfortunately I had been in a rush all day and never had a chance to change. So anyway, the rowdyness was amplifying, and I ended up just taking it off, for the lulz.
As the night was coming to a close and everyone was passing out, I decided I needed to go to the bathroom before heading home, only to find that it was occupied. I really had to go, so rather than wait I decided I would just go outside in some corner. Rather than put on my shirt and coat (where my wallet, cell phone, and car keys were), I just walked out the back door This proved to be a very, very bad idea.
After urinating, I went back to Sam's back door only to see that it was unopenable. I pounded and shouted for a little while, but it seemed as though everyone was completely passed out.
I had a choice. I could either wait it out on Sam's back porch, or I could man it up and take the journey back to my place. I really, really did not want to talk almost ten miles in the cold, but I had absolutely ZERO interest in sitting on Sam's back porch for hours on end.
Actually, my trek was incredibly uneventful. I just walked. About halfway there some mexican dude stopped me and and said "Ay mang! It's too cold to be walking without a shirt on, here take this!". He opened up his backpack and tossed me a shirt. That was really the only noteworthy thing to happen before I got home and passed out.
My shit is still at Sam's, and I guess he's gonna be gone for a while. Hmmmm
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