Astronaught Pants (mmmchckwarrior) wrote,
Astronaught Pants

I am the new Jack Grisham

I used to be a monumental dumbass and complete bastard.
It wasn't even all that long ago when i'd pull insane, dangerous, and sometimes illegal shit because I thought it was funny. The rubber band that is my karma has been stretched so ridiculously far that I hope I've changed my ways in time. I need to make some apologies to people (if they will even let me) and hope I can avoid the coming backlash.
I'm not doing it out of fear of reprisal, surprisingly, now I just know what it's like to be in the other person's shoes, and I feel awful (as well as a little frightened) about the way this could turn out.
This might be, however, a story about redemption.
bye for now, LJ
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