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Saturday, December 4th, 2010
2:47 am
Seems like I update this thing once, then something happens (Move and don't have internets for a while, or join the army) and I don't update this forever. I should really make more of an attempt to stay on top of this bad boy.
My life is so weird to me, it seems like chronicling it might be worth the miniscule effort it takes to log in and type a few sentences. Here's what's been going on:
Joined the army (duh)
got through basic without much of a hassle. The worst part was reception. Good Lord that was terrible.
2 months of Basic lead way to AIT. The first 3 weeks of AIT were worse than basic. Back at basic we all had this dream like version of AIT in our heads. We all thought it would be cable television and paradise. From what I hear, I guess it was for some people. Alas, for us combat medics at Sam Houston, we had to be pounded into the ground a little more. Once they let us off our leash a little, things really did get better.
One of the things I've noticed so far in the military is that I look back at things with nostalgia glasses. Once I got to AIT I thought basic was awesome, and now that I'm at my duty station I thought AIT was awesome. I DO, however, think being in Hawaii is okay. I couldn't imagine thinking being deployed to AFGHANISTAN as being anything but terrible. We'll see.
I"m doing more or less really good. I miss my family and friends very much, but will be on my way home to see them soon.
I just wanted to update this and try to get back in the swing of things.

Current Mood: cheerful
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Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
2:07 pm
blah, not much going on. just work.
kinda sucks.
done with the EKG school, now just trying to get my state certification.
lets improve the quality of my life?
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Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
4:39 am
Inside all of us there is a battle between good and evil that cannot be resolved...
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Sunday, May 11th, 2008
4:40 am
I'm Weird
It's 4:40 on Mother's Day. In about 2 hours I'll be going to the Y-ME cancer walk thing with my Mom. It's been an odd couple of days around here.
My whole situation with women continues to stranger than fiction. Recently I picked up an attractive looking lady hitchhiker, dropped her off at her place, she asked for my number, I gave it, and i'm yet to hear from her.
A girl at work has been talking to me A LOT. She texts me at least 15 times a day and tries to keep me on the phone. Don't get me wrong, that shit's cool and all, but we were supposed to hang out for the first time today and she brings her guy friends along? Not only that but she and this other dude were all on each other and she was totally fabing me. Then after I leave and get home she calls me and wants to talk?
Mixed Signals Much?
I've been having a flirtatious liaison with another young lady. This one slightly more promising, and maybe, all things considered, maybe the best route. During the aftermath of one of our parties, I ended up laying on the couch with this girl, then some other places. Of course, as with everything in my life, there has to be somethings that make this out of the oridnary and/or difficult. This girl was seeing one of my roommates for a while. That doesn't make this difficult or anything, but it's just a little different, you know? I don't think it's awkward. She's a busy gal though, and that makes it difficult.
There are moar things going on, as their always are, but i'm going to try to lay down and take a nap before Mike and I go to the Y-ME gimmick.
goodnight, INTERBUTTS
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Wednesday, April 30th, 2008
2:35 pm
oɹǝz ʎq pǝpıʌıp ı ʇıɥs ʎ1oɥ
oɹǝz ʎq pǝpıʌıp ı ʇıɥs ʎ1oɥ
oɹǝz ʎq pǝpıʌıp ı ʇıɥs ʎ1oɥ
oɹǝz ʎq pǝpıʌıp ı ʇıɥs ʎ1oɥ
oɹǝz ʎq pǝpıʌıp ı ʇıɥs ʎ1oɥ
oɹǝz ʎq pǝpıʌıp ı ʇıɥs ʎ1oɥ
oɹǝz ʎq pǝpıʌıp ı ʇıɥs ʎ1oɥ
oɹǝz ʎq pǝpıʌıp ı ʇıɥs ʎ1oɥ
oɹǝz ʎq pǝpıʌıp ı ʇıɥs ʎ1oɥ
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Monday, April 14th, 2008
5:16 pm
Life certainly does appear to be raining shit on Brendan Conway
We have been without power for over a week now. Here's how it happened
The previous tenants did not pay their bills.
Com-ed sent thei FINAL WARNING before we moved in.
We (mistakenly) thought our landlord had set up our account, in retrospect I understand this was not a good idea.
Com-Ed then shut the power off, and we've been living in the dark ages without heat, electricity, or warm water since a week ago last friday.
The first weekend without power was so-so, we had candle lit parties and such, but it has since worn extremely thin and unpleasant. We can't shower, do laundry, cook a decent meal, watch Monday Night RAW, use INTARNETS (i'm at my parent's right now), nor can we have heat. Our place is cold.
On top of that, I got a ticket for "Talking on my cell phone while driving". The day our power fiasco happened, Jake called me on my way home from work to tell me the bad news. I answered my phone while at a red light, and our entire exchange took place before the lgiht turned green. As soon as I started driving the police lights started flashing behind me.
I got a ticket for being on my phone for less than a minute while my car wasn't even in motion. Wow.
AND NOW, my car won't even start. I'm waiting for the tow truck dudes to get here so they can haul my car off to get worked on.

To be honest, though, things aren't ALL bad. A few days ago Wendy came to visit me at my place; it always makes me happy to see her. And for as much shit as I've had to put up with recently, last night, something really and truly amazing happened to me.
I was supposed to hang out with my younger brother last night, but something came up and he wasn't available, so as I was sitting here with nothing to do, I got a text message from my friend Randy (Rhodes). "You going to Symphony X tonight?"
I didn't know/forget they were coming through here. I'm usually up to date on things, but with me being busy at work and not having a connection to the outside world with no power, it had slipped through the cracks. Thank God I had been in Mokena. So a few minutes later I was out the door and at the Pearl Room. As I was about to walk in, I ran into Mrs. Knickerbocker, who was a pleasant surprise. As I was talking to her, I noticed a large influx of people walking in and out of the bar, so I used them as a cover to sneak into the show.
Yes, I saw Symphony X for free.
I quickly rendezvoused with Randy and Steve and bought them beers for telling me about the show. 3 beers, 12 bucks. The show was incredible as could be assumed. Justin Murphy was there, and the Knickerbrothers had been there since 4 so they were way up front. In between sets I shouted "BRETT KNICKERBOCKER!!!", he turned around and we made eye contact. "HEY DICKFACE!", I shouted. He flipped me off.
Dear God, I love Brett Knickerbocker.
The singer of Symphony X has near-God status to me, and last night he validated my life.
Their new album, "Paradise Lost", deals greatly with John Milton's poem, so the crowd kept yelling "SATAN", to which Allen would make goofy faces to. After a while the joke started to wear thin. When he stopped playing it up, I shouted "EL DIABLO!".
Mr. Allen then looked directly at me and said, "Ha, that guy know's what's up".
Yes, Russell Allen responded to something I said, thereby justifying my entire life.
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Sunday, April 6th, 2008
6:10 pm
no power
Couple things have been happening since I last updated.
Jake and I almost got into a fight with two dudes. We went into the 7-11 by our place because we needed some milk. While in there, i'm talking to the man running the register and Jake is getting our stuff. As he's walking back to th register, apparently some guy shoulder checks him. Jake, while a gentle and soft spoken indiviual, is not going to let this rudeness go unanswered, so he approaches the one who did it. They turn around.
"Are you cool?" the one asks.
"You just walked...right into me". Jake says.
At this point I am mostly oblivious as to what's going on, I didn't see the shoulder check, and i'm still at the counter, but then I turn around and see Jake talking to these two men. I was starting to pick up on the escalating tensions, so I walk over to see what's going on and to try to diffuse the situation.
"Hey guys, is there a problem here?" I ask.
"No, are you guys cool?" He says.
"Of course we are" I tell them. I nudge Jake and tell him that I want to pay for our shit so we can get home and I can hang out with the nerds. I nod to these guys and we make our exit.
Now, i'm not the violent type, and i've never been a real fight, but whoever these guys were should be glad it did not come to blows (I'm glad it didn't too) , because we would've destroyed them. Jake probably could've taken them both by himself, and with backup, it wouldn't have even been close.
That's actually something that makes me think this was all a big misunderstanding. These did not look like the type of guys who go around looking for fights. When I asked these guys if there was a problem they looked like they were about to shit bricks. I didn't see the shoulder check that instigated the incident, so I can't say how intentional it looked, but if Jake said it was clearly intentional i'll take his word for it. I just don't see scrawny guys like that trying to start something with a dude like Jake.
Regardless, i'm just glad nothing happened, because acting like a meathead, ESPECIALLY over something as stupid as walking into someone, at 7-11 of all places, is something I have no interest in.
On the next episode, I will explain why we don't have power at our place.
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Sunday, March 23rd, 2008
3:06 pm
In the Household right now, we have Jaret, Toni, Jake, Mindi, and Scout.
Kiernan and Michael are coming by later.
Toni is cooking us up a storm, it's unbelievable.
Earier today I was at the gym I plan on taking full advantage of my new membership.
I noticed today that I'm always thinking funny overly dramatic/motivational things to myself when I lift weights. I get all pumped up and determined. It's kind of embarrassing actually. With each passing rep, I thought to myself, "I...AM...STRONGER...THAN...KARMA!!! THIS...IS...THE...WAR!!!"
Yeah, I'm a weird.
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Saturday, March 22nd, 2008
3:42 am
Brenbuterol OR Clenway
2008 is in full swing, here are some of the top stories
-Dressing Nicely (We like to wear suits around here from time to time)
-Attempting (and occasionally succeeding at) responsibility
-Chemistry (Interpersonal and scientific)
-Physical Fitness (Getting a gym membership tomorrow)
-Not sleeping (Every night I face a choice: I can either go to bed early and wake up well rested but in a horrible mood because I didn't have any fun, or I can stay up all night, go to work dead tired but still be happy from last night)
-Tattoos (I'll be continuing the tradition of getting things that only I could possibly think is a good idea)
-Pain, Injuries, etc. (my ankle is still killing me)
-Travel Plans. (it's almost time for a vacation)
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Friday, March 14th, 2008
8:24 pm
I am funny
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1:17 am
oh lawd
I've been staying up WAY too late too many nights in a row.
That's what I get for being friends with The Nerds.
Dudes are cool
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Wednesday, March 12th, 2008
3:43 pm
My foot has been hurtin' for months. About 2 weeks ago I saw a doctor about who told me I probably had tendonitis. So he gave me some meds and told me to call him later.
Shit still sucks, so I called him today, only to find out that they close on 2 o'clock on wednesdays. That's kinda weird.
I was out with 3/4's of the catburglars last night and some other fine Chicagoans. Having time off of and away from work are really what i'm living for now. Currently i'm watching The Brett Hart 3-DVD collection, and i'll probably be doing that until 5 o'clock when I get my wrist tattoo touched up. Then me and Jake are hitting the gym
Dig it turkey.

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Sunday, March 9th, 2008
6:24 pm
Brendan's Odyssey
Last night, my friend Sam had a bit of a shindig at his place.
Outstanding Gentlemen such as Dinosaur Neal, (eeehhh) Mike Graf, Dr. Shreddington, And Mott were in attendance. A couple brews were drank, jokes were made, and a good time was had by all.
This, however, is not the subject of my jounal entry.
No, you see, this is about me walking from Sam's back to my place. From The UIC medical district to A little North of Cubs Field...Shirtless, and in -2 degree weather.
During the course of the night, jokes were made about the fact I was wearing a Call The Medic shirt. I had been wearing the same shirt since the day before, and was starting to smell. You see, I was wearing it the day before so I wouldn't be wearing it then, but unfortunately I had been in a rush all day and never had a chance to change. So anyway, the rowdyness was amplifying, and I ended up just taking it off, for the lulz.
As the night was coming to a close and everyone was passing out, I decided I needed to go to the bathroom before heading home, only to find that it was occupied. I really had to go, so rather than wait I decided I would just go outside in some corner. Rather than put on my shirt and coat (where my wallet, cell phone, and car keys were), I just walked out the back door This proved to be a very, very bad idea.
After urinating, I went back to Sam's back door only to see that it was unopenable. I pounded and shouted for a little while, but it seemed as though everyone was completely passed out.
I had a choice. I could either wait it out on Sam's back porch, or I could man it up and take the journey back to my place. I really, really did not want to talk almost ten miles in the cold, but I had absolutely ZERO interest in sitting on Sam's back porch for hours on end.
Actually, my trek was incredibly uneventful. I just walked. About halfway there some mexican dude stopped me and and said "Ay mang! It's too cold to be walking without a shirt on, here take this!". He opened up his backpack and tossed me a shirt. That was really the only noteworthy thing to happen before I got home and passed out.
My shit is still at Sam's, and I guess he's gonna be gone for a while. Hmmmm
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Saturday, March 8th, 2008
1:06 pm
I am the new Jack Grisham
I used to be a monumental dumbass and complete bastard.
It wasn't even all that long ago when i'd pull insane, dangerous, and sometimes illegal shit because I thought it was funny. The rubber band that is my karma has been stretched so ridiculously far that I hope I've changed my ways in time. I need to make some apologies to people (if they will even let me) and hope I can avoid the coming backlash.
I'm not doing it out of fear of reprisal, surprisingly, now I just know what it's like to be in the other person's shoes, and I feel awful (as well as a little frightened) about the way this could turn out.
This might be, however, a story about redemption.
bye for now, LJ
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Friday, March 7th, 2008
8:41 pm
Never too late I suppose
You should all go see The Catburgars tonight @ Ronny's.
I'd be there but I do got some work tomorrow, and can't be out all night with the 'Lars.
I will, however, be seeing 10,000 BC with my new friend, Barbie.
Bye for now, LJ

Current Mood: darn anxious
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Thursday, March 6th, 2008
4:05 pm
I'm making livejournal cool again.
I moved back to Chicago, I'm sure this will go better than the last time.
I've been a huge internet nerd lately, to the point that I even got a 4chan tattoo.
The other weekend was Jaret's birthday, we had a giant party for him here. I estimate that there were 80-100 people here. Most of them, I'm assuming, were Dean and Estaban's friends; they are both very popular young men. Good shit.
My older brother was also in the house, as was Cory Knickerbocker. Even better shit.
The last time we had a party someone fucking ralphed in my bathtub, so when I saw what seemed like a party goer about to hurl, i escorted him to the bathroom, only to find out he had to urinate. Homeboy was wobbley, and needed some help standing up straight. Crisis averted, and the party continued.
As can be assumed, I was monumentally drunk, which was fun. There were many pictures taken, but I do not remember them being taken. I think that might mean it's time to lay off that nonsense a little bit, i'm starting to get a little fat.
So, at 2 in the morning-ish, the cops showed up. The people who live directly above us were at the party, and the people who live above them are deaf, so the cops must have been called by someone from another building. Yes, we party that hard.
So, the cops roll in and I immediately start kicking people out. I'm going into every room, grabbing people's coats and shouting orders. I go into my room and check my closet, and my roommate Dean is hiding in my closet for some reason, that was probably the best part of the night. After getting everyone out I step outside to make sure everyone is ok and has a safe way to get home. It was then that I saw the dude i helped piss and his cousin get taken away by the cops. That was insane.
Other than that things haven't been too eventful around here. I had a fever last night but I managed to not go insane. I still work at the hospital, i still hate it, and i really think it's time to go back to school. ut right now i'm gonna fill out some job applications for places closer to where I live and Watch Nightmare on Elmstreet part 3: THE DREAM WARRIORS
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Friday, November 9th, 2007
11:39 pm
Hey. Conway here. It's been almost a year since i've written anything. I recorded an extremely tough song today. Listen, won't you?
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Tuesday, September 26th, 2006
10:27 am
SWI (Showering While Intoxicated) OR How I didn't make friends with a state trooper
Ok, so I'm not sure how i'm going to organize what happened, and there's WAY too much info for a play by play, so how about this: I started work at 5 PM and didn't get home until almost ten. The sun was out when I started work, then it stayed a while, then it left, then the moon came, then the moon left, then the sun came back. All the while, I did all of the difficult work, getting filthy dirty and exhausted while the guy I was working with sat on his ass in the truck the entire time. around 4 AM, I started thinking, "Man, how great would it be if when I got home, I drank a beer while showering. I'd be combining two very relaxing, pleasant things!". Well, fate had different ideas.
Road construction went on WAY overtime, until 6:30 AM, before we could get out. Still even more work had to get done, so Tony, my road boss-man, split us up and sent some of us back to the yard with the trucks and from there we could go home. I was one of the truck drivers that could go home. So, i'm driving back to the yard in this SUPER-DUTY TRUCK (official name, by the way), and a guy sneaks into my blind spot after I have my turn signal on, and well, there was some damage to his car. whatever. A State Trooper Arrives, and right off the bat, things are not good.
I always leave my license in my car, this way when I get pulled over, I have it. Well fuck, i'm not in my car. I know, save my your lectures, I made a mistake, but I wasn't supposed to be on truck driving duty tonight. She instantly jumps on my case telling me how reckless and irresponsible I am, that I can handle. Even tirades I can suffer through. "No matter where I go I always have my licenSe blah blah blah." I try to the best of my ability to be as cooperative and cordial to the Trooper as I can. I gave her every exact detail of the accident, I gave her all of my information, and I put up with all of her guff with "yes ma'am"'s. Then it happened, The Officer Of The Law pushed a little too far. "There's no way you even have your GED if you can't remember as simple a thing as your license."
You can insult my character and call me names, but the second you infer that I have a less than average intelligence, I stop playing friendly.
For the second time, she mentions that she never leaves home without her licence. I respond by growing a pair and asking, "How does that make you feel?"
"That you never leave the house without your license. Knowing that you're better because of it."
She has obviously never seen Clerks. She responds with, "You know what? I want to know what makes you people think you're so special, that you can go around like it's not a big deal."
"YOU PEOPLE (I look at her incredulously)!? Are you implying that ALL homosexuals drive without their licenses?"
"I was trying to accomodate you, but you thought it would be more productive to insult my orientation. Good day ma'am."
she then makes it very clear that if i don't be civil, i will be arrested, which does not sound like it would be as fun as boozing in the shower. She tells me "you people" refers to as those who drive without their license, I told her I didn't know "we" were a "people", and as such cannot represent "us". She asks what I do if I was in a serious accident without ID, and I say "Well, I guess there would just be one of 'us' left around then".
I get my tickets, drive home, get yelled at by my parents, then finally bask in the glory of drinking while showering. It was every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be.
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Monday, September 18th, 2006
11:02 am
Strive Hurdle!
I can't believe I remembered my password
I can't believe I was stranded in Chicago thursday
I can't believe I overslept thursday
I can't believe it's not crisco!
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Sunday, May 14th, 2006
9:51 am
I'm going to try not to get ahead of myself like I did last time, but my favorite problem seems to have risen it's beautiful head. How can you blame me, though? Like, I know this is the rite of the praying mantis, but i'm still really hoping i'll get a chance to kiss the bones of the enchantress.
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